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captain's log

australian digital artist, not taking commissions. raised playing fps games and farming simulators

i like call of duty, daggerfall and all manners of scifi. all my art is made on a 2015 wacom intuos pro in painttool sai ver.2

talk to me about cats 1998

    23/06/2022 UPDATE: temple added to sidebar, netshrine renamed to trinkets

    23/06/2022 UPDATE: landing page changed again, header link brings you to the gallery (woo its back), fiddling with the background now; added some caryatids

    26/05/2022 UPDATE: landing page changed, header link now takes you back to there. gallery removed for now.

    25/05/2022 UPDATE: header link changed to gallery link instead (its a mess at the moment, big wip)

    25/05/2022 UPDATE: portals instagram link changed to a tumblr link instead, this is my only active social media as of today

    28/01/2022 UPDATE: net_shrine.html header link updated :)

    28/01/2022 UPDATE: been busy with art, check out my instagram <3

    4/12/2021 UPDATE: net_shrine.html header link updated late, been being lazy; go look at some sharks :)

    4/12/2021 ADDITION: webrings.html added to portals

    4/12/2021 ADDITION: net_shrine.html added to portals

    3/12/2021 FIDDLING: discovered how to change text highlight colour lol + added a link

    31/11/2021 TRAGEDY: juice breaks smth but fixes it again - the code is neater now at least

    30/11/2021 HOMUNCULUS: thank_you.html added to rat :)

    30/11/2021 CONCEPTION: oh yeah baby juice website